About this project:

In October 2008 I purchased a 4-plex in the Spenard/Midtown region of Anchorage Alaska. I intend to make it a very wee little eco-village. A bit dictatorial because I own it. See very early posts on this blog for more on my mission and justifications. This blog follows my adventures in greening a conventional, 1960’s era apartment building, and, in the process, those of us who live there. I intend it to be a reference to others who might want to do the same thing, a way to let my friends and family know what I am up to, and a way to find advice and help for myself about things I am not too sure of. Thanks for reading!!

Spring 2009: planting the first apple tree

...and 1.3 years later!

About me:

I live in Anchorage with my young son. In the last few years I have worked as a geologist for engineers, an energy efficiency coordinator for a non-profit, and currently as an office manager for a chiropractic clinic and as the manager of the state’s energy efficiency website – akenergyefficiency.org. Looking for right livelihood and a balanced life has been a bit of a crooked path! I am a semi-active participant in the local permaculture group and a past (and hopefully future) volunteer with the Bike Commuters of Anchorage. I like pursuing personal and local solutions to our climate and resource extraction/environmental degradation problems. I commute by bike, bus and foot – fairly exclusively. I get a bunch of my produce from local farmers and my own garden and can and freeze it for winter. I compost and vermi-compost (when I don’t kill off all my worms trying to freeze off the fruit flies in the bin), I recycle, I think a lot about my consumption, energy use, and waste. I plant my trees, I kill my bees, I go to the lava-t’ry (hopefully someday composting). All this and more makes me very happy.

You can email me at katmainomad at gmail dot com.

3 responses to “About

  1. That’s my GIRL! Way to go.

  2. Michelle Rocks!!!!!

  3. Very very cool ! What a great and wonderful thing you have started and are part of ! Thank you .

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