Home Inspection

Yesterday I dropped $700 on a home inspection. It’s cheaper for single family homes, but the guy does have 4 kitchens and bathrooms to check out. Oceano loved the process, and the guy did some have pr

southeast view

etty neat tools – moisture checker, circuit checker etc. The place was built in 1960 and has quirks, of course. The worst is that there is no fire barrier between levels/units. The ceilings between floors are tho

se dropped acoustic tile things instead of drywall. This may not pass the lender’s appraisal I guess, and could be something that is hard to get the owner to fix, since it is a lot of drywall to install. We’ll see what happens with that. Another biggie is that none of the top floor outlets are grounded, but one. Apparently ground fault circuit interupters will make these safe, but not for computers. My understanding anyway. Also, 3 out of 4 gas range/ovens are unvented, so combustion products can build up inside the house. There are also a couple of leaky faucets and other fairly minor stuff.

Very good things include that the roof is in great shape, the boiler is pretty new, the foundation looks good (even though the basement slab is pretty tilted! I don’t get that from a foundation perspective – concrete pretty much has to set level, then it would have had to have settled differentially by quite a bit, but there are no visible cracks in the foundation walls or structure?? A mystery.), there is no apparent moisture damage anywhere, the insulation in the roof is excellent.


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  1. So – went through the 64 quake, which may account for the tilted slab. Fire and noise barriers can be added with special sheetrock – but not real cheaply.

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