Repairs and Anti-lawns

We are supposed to come to an agreement about repairs today or sign an extension agreement. I have heard that they will do all the repairs except that they are checking on the muni code requirements for the ceilings. I don’t care if they do the ceilings or not, as long as I pass the lender’s muster and get financing. I’ll post again when I know more!

I should mention, for the record, that dealing with the lender was not super easy or straight-forward for me. If I made a $100,000/year salary or had been at my job forever or only wanted a single family home, things would probably have been smoother. Working for only 2 years, making borderline enough for what I want, being on hourly wage (with sometimes lots of overtime and sometimes a lot of unpaid leave) made things tricky. But by lots of emailing, bugging my lender, sending her paystubs, etc I finally weasled my way up a bit in what I could get. She didn’t tell me this until the process was rolling, but I had to prove a two year history of receiving them to get my overtime and bonuses counted as income.

Finally, and most importantly: I’m re-reading this great book Food not Lawns by H. Flores. I recommend that everyone read it. Just eco-subversive enough to be even a bit beyond me – which nicely gives me somewhere to stretch for. Hand-washing cloth diapers in the tub, nursing my boy for 5+ years, using cloth homemade ‘luna’ style pads, occasionally wiping with cloth, washable ‘toilet paper’, keeping a bin of worms in the kitchen, dumpster diving for goods – these are the levels I’ve reached. Dumpster diving for food, illegally diverting household grey water to a slime-monster garden processing system, growing food in public parks – these are levels I aspire too! I am not that bold just yet. Maybe I’ll get there. I can’t find a grocery store dumpster that is accessible though, I must say…


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