The mighty automobile

First of all, and most topically, I should be closing tomorrow. There was a little scare involving liens on the title and my expiring lock on 6% interest (the rate has gone up to 6.5%), but it seems to be cleared up. I am inspecting the repairs today at 4pm with the owner, my realtor, and the house inspector (another $100). Then I go close tomorrow at 2:30pm, record the next day and own a 4-plex – unless something totally wonky happens!

But, most of interest to me these days is the fact that to have a legal parking lot in this town I have to have 6 paved spaces (at 20’x9′), 24 feet of staging area, and ingress and egress – all paved. That’s more than the footprint of the building. Not very green!! Currently there is a grandfathered in gravel lot on the back of the house, eating up all the prime growing space. There is almost enough space to put the 6 spaces on the front/north of the house, but not legally since there isn’t staging room. I am playing with layouts involving a couple of spots sideways up front and some parking on the side, and using paving stones instead of asphalt, but the sticky-outy porch and roof overhang and a couple of spruce trees that I would hate to cut make things a bit tricky. Wish I could make everyone park on the street!! But the car is king here.


2 responses to “The mighty automobile

  1. Can you start charging people for parking? I guess that seems totally unheard of there, but folks here often have to pay for parking at their apartment buildings (especially if they are near metro or are otherwise well located). In this case you would be doing it as a tax– you wanna have a car and take good growing space? you get to pay for the privilege…and that could give you extra dough for parking related improvements. Or it could encourage tenants to leave to be replaced by people who have horse drawn carriages… oh wait, green, not amish! tee hee.

  2. I would love to charge for parking! I’ll look into it. If it is legal, I might start with new tenants. Now, I don’t have any room for horses, so definately not Amish 🙂

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