Less than a week a landlord, and already a leaky pipe. It’s near a pressure valve (i think) in a baseboard. Not much leaking. The tenant yesterday was ok with putting a towel down and waiting till today to get a plumber out. Turns out the place I called has a spot on friday, maybe an earlier cancellation. Yes, I could call someone else, but probably a similar story. Hopefully my tenant is ok with waiting, I left her a message. I don’t think it is affecting her heat. Sigh. I should ask them about costs for installing an indirect hot water heater while they are at it.

Went to Bioneers in Alaska this last weekend, which meant only a little moving went on. Bioneers was good, talked a bit to the guy I’ll get to do my solar hot water assessment. Next year I am going to more of the touchy-feely community building talks though, and less to the practical, here’s how to grow a garden talks. I gravitate towards practical, but there is less and less new info for me every year. Not that I know it all…far from it.

I bought 4 new 32 gallon plastic garbage cans to replace the dumpster. I hate buying new things, from Lowe’s no less, but my people need something to put their garbage in and the thrift stores rarely have large garbage cans. I will save money, and once I get the recycling bins hopefully we will be sending less to the dump. Now the debate is whether to just buy the fancy shmancy new blue bins with the recylcing logo and the can-shaped holes to encourage correct recycling, or to see what bishop’s attic has used for bin-like items. I’m tempted to buy new for this too, just so that no-one is confused and dumps garbage in the bins.


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