Home Energy Rebates

So Alaska has 3 programs to help homeowners make their homes more efficient. One is the Weatherization Program for lowish income homeowners or renters. One is the Energy Rebate program for homeowners, and one is just a loan program to borrow money for weatherization. the weatherization program does the work for you for free, the energy rebate allows credits to get a home energy audit and get some money back on the work you have done based on that audit, and based on how much you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

As a 4-plex owner who, with rental income, will make above the weatherization income limits I was sorta falling between the cracks. I emailed the program administrators (AHFC) two times, and finally got the good news that I will qualify for the energy rebate program, but if they have to do multiple blower door tests, I have to pay for the extra. I think they can do just one since all apartments open off a common area. I put my name on the waiting list. It is a long one, because the program is very popular, and there are not enough qualified home energy raters. They are training more, but it takes a while to train someone to this. Hope the program doesn’t run out of money first!! Now the question is – do I go buy the extra fiberglass insulation and roll it out in my attic now, before it gets really cold, or do I wait for the audit (till who knows when) to get some money back? Actually, a bigger problem than attic insulation is between floors insulation – the upstairs apartments roast with no heat on, because it all seeps up from down below. And that is harder to do right with tenants in place.

Moving is going slowly. Hopefully we’ll be substantially in this weekend.


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