Presidential glee

I just wanted to quickly comment at how pleased as punch I am that we get Obama.  I will qualify and state that, yes, I expect to be, perhaps often, dissapointed at actual results.  I am far left and insanely pro-environment, and know that all things can’t go my way.  I know that Obama doesn’t share all of my opinions, and can’t make everything go all his way even if he did.  But here is the thing – I finally feel that we have an intelligent person in the position.  I feel that I could sit down to tea with him and rationally discuss things in an erudite manner.  How refreshing!!  Bush was the president one could drink a beer with (I have better people to drink beer with), but Obama I could have a pleasant conversation with – about the origins of the universe, about global warming, about justice and equality, about my kid’s school experience – whatever!

Also, I was brought to tears that on a national stage he would champion the rights of all people, including gay or straight.  Is the era of public acceptability dictated by the religious conservative right really over?  Well, I don’t watch a lot of television, so I am out of touch and maybe even Bush gave lip service to the okay-ness of all people – but I really feel a breath of fresh air being blown over the political world (outside of Alaska).


One response to “Presidential glee

  1. I think that what I liked most about the acceptance speech was his acknowledgment of how much change has happened in the last generation, and the unfathomable magnitude of the changes that his girls might see in their lifetimes. Finally, an admission that we could be – should be – thinking about things on a 100 year (or even longer) timescale. Whodathunkit?

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