DIY lows and highs

Two successes and one flop this weekend. I have given up on our tub diverter. I have invested a lot of time and careful attention and silicone into making it work, and I’ve decided it was designed in an era when a bit of water coming out the faucet and going down the drain while you were showering was no big deal. I’m going with my father’s excellent suggestion of putting in ceramic disc/cartridge faucets so that they won’t leak and need replacement washers/o-rings in their life time. This is wise because tenants do not let you know when there is a small drip. I know this because everyone agrees on this and also because, 2 years ago when I had a small drip in my kitchen faucet it took me months to get around to telling the landlord. I also believe that, although I am sure I could do this work myself, that I will hire someone to do it for me (probably a friend of Gil if he has time). Mostly because I am sick of fiddling with this faucet.

My successes were putting up my photocell-13 watt CFL outdoor light fixture (satisfying, but not challenging – the hardest part of this was tracking down the screw driver and finding the correct breaker in the box to turn off the power. Even I can twist little white and black and green wires to their match and twist on a wire nut…) and dying my ratty old duvet cover a beautiful, artsy looking sun-smattered greeny-blue. This last trick saved me from buying a $120 organic cotton duvet cover from the store. Yes, good to support green and fair business, but I am so not a good consumer. I guess RIT dye and Safeway get my money this time – all $18. I dyed the cover in my canning pot on my gas stove. At first I had the pot hanging over the counter, which turns out to be particle board – now partially singed particle board. So my smoke detector works. Then I had the stove going for a couple of hours doing all this with no vent on and apparently some gas was escaping combustion because my CO/gas alarm also went off. It read “gas” not “CO”, but it couldn’t have been too explosive because the flame was still on on the stove with no ill effects. I did make my boy run downstairs and stand in the open doorway while I opened every window, turned off the stove, and turned on the bathroom fan. Oh well, I needed a little excitement πŸ™‚ I’ll run the bathroom fan next time I use the stove for a while, or crack the kitchen window. Someday I will get a range hood with vent.


6 responses to “DIY lows and highs

  1. I’ve been using dyes from Dharma Trading for a long time. They’re a good little company as far as I can tell. and the dyes are *very* durable. Completely colorfast. Need to do a batch… I made all my dyable clothing green a couple of years ago πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, is this “recent comment” thing on the right hand side new? If so, thanks!!

    And hey where did this energy guy come from? I like the photos/charts. Very handy.

    Way too much math lately though…

  3. And um how could you possibly be out of shape–don’t you bike to work?!

  4. Hmm, actually I walk to work now, since it is only 2 blocks away. Not much of a workout!

  5. As for the energy guy: Anchorage, as you know, is a small town and the eco community here is even smaller. After a few local Bioneers conferences and renewable energy fairs you kinda ferret out all the people in town with green skills or businesses πŸ™‚

    The “recent comment” thing is just for you, Lara πŸ™‚ Though it is helpful. I will tone down the math – though I could put up the chart I just made of therms of gas used in a month vs. heating degree days of that month for the last 4 years… πŸ™‚

  6. ooh…way too many smileys in the last comment.

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