Global Day of Action for the Climate

In celebration of tomorrow, which is Global Day of Action for the Climate, I recommend to you two brilliant, and worthwhile videos to watch (although I’ve already emailed them to the majority of my viewers 🙂 )
This one is very quick and catchy
This one is precise, artistically and scientifically rich, but very understandable

Enjoy and take action!!

I have used one of the plethora of online carbon footprint calculators to find that my building accounts for 28 tons of CO2 emissions per year. My personal footprint is about 7.3 tons (almost half of which is from my share of the building energy use assuming (simply and not totally true) that each resident uses an equal amount of energy). I buy greentags to offset about 8.3 tons per year. I would rather not cause those emissions in the first place. My greentags support wind development. I know of others for other renewable energy development and for tree planting. Anybody know of greentags to support efficiency measures? Of course, no reason to buy those until I’ve already spent the money to upgrade my own life as much as possible! Which is an argument against the wind greentags in the first place until I’ve done everything I can in my own life. I’m contemplating a plan to be carbon neutral in 10 years or somesuch, like various other entities. Such a plan would be fairly easy if I let myself off the hook by buying greentags. Instead I’d like to concentrate on my own efficiency first.


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