Encouraging tenant efficiency

Here is my first, and fairly lame, attempt to communicate on energy efficiency with my tenants, I could have used more math to make my point, I could have used better rhetoric or prettier prose, heck – I could have talked with people in person – we live in the same building!! But here is the body of the notice I posted on everyone’s door:

In the spirit of the holidays I would like to give you a gift of $30 off of your January 2009 rent.

Part of this gift is possible because we managed to use about 20% less gas last month than average for the month – good work! As you may have heard, both Enstar and Chugach Electric costs are going up approximately 20% in the new year. I would rather not have to consider having to raise rents in the future to cover these costs, it would be preferable to save these costs up front by being aware of energy use. For my part, I am planning to install a much more efficient water heater in the near future. I am open to other suggestions you may have as well, I know some of the fridges in the units are fairly old. Other ways to save energy include keeping the heat turned down as low as is comfortable, turning the heat down a few degrees at night or when you are away for the day, keeping windows shut, shutting off water when not in use, washing clothes in cold, drying clothes on drying racks, and turning off lights when not in use. Please let me know if you have any water leaks/drips or other repair issues, as these can help us all save money in the long run as well. When monthly bills are below average, I plan to continue to provide rebates.


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