Two cool Spenard Blogs

Trying to find information on the, rumored bad, fate of the spenard road bond (for needed improvements and quieting of my local road) I ran across a couple of nifty blogs from the ‘hood.

Spenard Road – Great lists/links on the side of all the local spots and some suggestions for improvements etc.

Life in Spenard – artsy and beautiful photos

Seems everyone in Spenard who blogs prefers a bike to a car 🙂

There are others but I haven’t had time to check them out yet!


4 responses to “Two cool Spenard Blogs

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Life in Spenard!
    Bikes will one day rule in Spenard, and cars will be used only for fire trucks and trips to the ER.

  2. you should contact Harriet Drummond regarding the assembly meeting where they hacked the improvements to spenard. there’s a new group, recently formed, called the ‘friends of spenard’ who are advocates of the spenard road project.

    also, i think we have mutual aquaintances. Andy Baker was a consultant for our firm for a project in Homer. hope your square of spenard is well.

  3. here is a story on the spenard project getting cut


    Assembly members did their only serious bond trimming on bonds proposed for city projects and improvements, and they did so with a series of complicated changes passed under the pressure of a ticking midnight deadline.

    The most easily understood of those switches was one of several changes to a $43.9 million roads bond. The most controversial element of that multi-project package is a planned reconstruction of the north end of Spenard Road, from Chester Creek south to Fireweed Lane.

    Many business owners along that strip of Spenard are vehemently opposed; Sunrise Bakery manager Larry Brandt said the kind of upgrade city planners have in mind would drive his company out of business and cost the jobs of up to 100 employees.

    But community council officers and residents in the area for the most part said the improvements in the city’s plan would slow traffic and make things a lot safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.

    In the end, the Assembly sliced this year’s version of the project in half — from $6.5 million to about $3 million. It left intact upgrades to the section of Spenard that drops from Hillcrest Drive to Chester Creek — which no one opposes — but puts off major street and traffic changes between Hillcrest and Fireweed.

  4. Haven’t these small town policy wonks ever thought outside the box?

    UN deliberations with a ticking clock (think some pretty important issues like nuclear proliferation– can argue later on their efficacy) have done something called “stopping the clock” at midnight and continuing on until they are finished–one went on until 6 am. Gee when you have work to be done GET ER DONE. Sounds like a pretty lame excuse that they had to cut funding for improvement projects because they couldn’t get their jobs done. Yeah, always easy to solve something by getting rid of it.

    Cool that you are making friends in your neighborhood. There’s probably some blogs near me, and who knows, I could make friends too, but it’s all I can do to turn on the computer in the first place…

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