What makes it an eco-apartment?

Since I have recently been meeting with prospective tenants (and I have chosen one – my first consciously green tenant-landlord relationship!), I wrote up a 1 page explanation sheet to hand out to them. I also decided on a name – West 30th Eco-Apartments. My friends warned me against such niceties as “sweet earth eco-apartments”, and I rejected some people’s suggestion of “green apartments” as having too much ambiguity (are they painted green? On Green St.? Attached to a golf course? Wishy-washy green-washed green with a coat of low VOC paint and not much else?). I would have put a poll up here, but I did everything too last minute. Here is the explanation sheet:

What makes these eco-apartments??

We are committed to the protection of the environment. Every decision on maintaining, upgrading, and using the building is looked at from the angle of how this will impact the earth and the health of the people that live there.

Some of the things we have already done (in the first 6 months):

-Replaced the old water heaters with a new, much more efficient one
-Replaced light bulbs with compact fluorescents
-installed low-flow devices on faucets
-fixed drips and leaks to save water and energy
-had an assessment done for solar hot water
-weather sealed where possible
-installed an outdoor security light with daylight sensor
-provided on-site recycling services

Some of the things we are planning for the future:

-planting trees and gardens and setting up a compost pile
-installing solar hot water
-separately metering for electric so that tenants can keep track of their use
-an energy audit to find the most effective measures for saving energy
-installing more insulation
-painting, repairing, and upgrading the building with used or green products
-installing secure bike parking
-holding semi-regular, fun gatherings where tenants can come and socialize and discuss questions, concerns, comments, etc.

However, our behavior and use patterns are important too!
Things we encourage everyone to do:

-Turn off lights and appliances when not in use
– close windows when the heat is on
– use your programmable thermostat to turn the heat down when you are away or asleep
– wash in cold water and hang dry when possible
-let us know if there is a problem of any sort

Finally, we realize that it is our foremost job to provide you with a safe, comfortable, happy place to live. Please let us know if you have any suggestions that would make your life here better, and we will do our best to follow them!


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