Earthday everyday

Uninspiringly, I’m really not doing much for Earthday. I gotta work, I gotta go to my classes, I have a playdate with my son this eve in the park. I don’t even really know of anything spiffy going on in town. I probably won’t find time to call my congressperson to request they support the climate bill (although I could do that instead of type this if I wasn’t so afraid of the phone). However, I will do the things I do everyday anyway – I will walk to work, take the bus to university, bike to the park. I will compost and recycle everything I consume today that can be so disposed of. I will be conscious of my resource use to the point of obsession. Not so bad, when done consistently throughout the year. I’ll let you know when I do something more exciting for the earth – it may be late, but it’ll be good!


One response to “Earthday everyday

  1. Today we used ALL of last year’s PFDs to put down a deposit on a new heating system! Combined with the state’s home energy rebate program, and the federal energy efficiency tax credit we’ll be able to leverage maybe 75% of the cost to bring our little cabin up from a 1 star to maybe a 4 star!

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