I like to ride my bike

It’s bike to work day in Anchorage! It’s been sunny for 2 weeks and it just started raining and got cold this morning. I’m sick, and I don’t live far from work, but I rode the bike today anyway (I normally walk). It was good, because I had to go down the road a mile to the lab to run some tests, and it was nice to bike instead of borrowing a work vehicle. I realized on the way back how much I enjoy biking. I am mainly a walker, and I have, in my life, chosen to walk when biking would have been much more quick and easy. I like the slow pace of walking, the calmness. When I bike I push it to make green lights, avoiding the cars that thought they could finally turn left (sorry, I know I shouldn’t make enemies with drivers). Biking in Anchorage can have other downsides – traffic can be uneducated, infrastructure is often sub-par or absent, snow and gravel and pot holes the size of the Great Lakes can make things challenging. But I do love biking. It feels elegant and powerful and swurvey-swift-agile. It is an excellent way to get around this town, despite the downsides, and often quicker than the bus, or even driving.

So if you missed bike to work day because of the rain, remember May is national bike to work month, and get out there! Hopefully you’ll see how great and feasible it is and make a habit of it.


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