Spring Gardening Pictures

Compost center

Compost center

Here is my compost bin (made of pallets – and I plan to add a second right next to it) with sign/instructions.


Here is me planting my new, locally grown, organic, Hyer-20 apple seedling. It is a good keeper apple. Thanks, dad, for the birthday funds to puchase it! My butt is hiding the substantially smaller (than my butt and the other seedling apple) Norland seedling that I grafted last year – it looks like it might have made it! Also you can see in the far background where we tore down the old, prison-like, 6′ cedar fence, repaired the posts/etc and stapled on pig-wire (2″x3″ garden wire fencing). It looks lovely, lets in more light, and lets us see the nice wooded area on the other side.


One response to “Spring Gardening Pictures

  1. Beautiful tree! Can’t wait until I see some leaves – us tropical guys are into lots of leaves.

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