My new favorite musician

So, apparently, there is this festival called Bonnaroo somewhere down in the lower 48, and apparently there is this cellist/vocalist named Ben Sollee, and apparently he is biking his cello and 60 lbs of gear about 300 miles to play in the festival this year with his extracycle bike. There are lots and lots of good videos of him on youtube – I especially like Boys Don’t Cry and A Few Honest Words. If I wasn’t practically married, I’d be in love. Now I gotta figure out how to buy music files. The last music I ever purchased was on CD, oh, probably 10 years ago. I’m usually happy to listen to whatever is paying, or find a clip on youtube, or go over to pandora – but this kind of commitment to biking deserves support!


One response to “My new favorite musician

  1. There’s this amazing place called itunes… or you can always buy from amazon. Strangely, every now and then I order something on amazon (typically a CD or something music related) and they give me a credit for mp3 music with a link to it, so no hassle. All I have to do is use my amazon log in. Have gotten about $6 worth of free music that way. The tricky part for me is figuring out what songs I want that I don’t already have. Just got Duran Duran “Ordinary World” Anyhow, welcome to the 21st century…

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