Update on the stuff in my yard

The ‘stuff’ pile that I feel uncomfortable about is shrinking. I recycled the fridge, and people carted away some of the stuff. Basically I am left with the stove, washer and dryer and the metal insides of some beds to recycle at the metal recycler. I ended up keeping one mattress as a cheap trampoline for the kids to jump on in the yard, and perhaps (though at cross purposes) as an emergency guest bed. Both box springs I dismantled. Both had synthetic cloth over foam – all of which I saved to make outdoor furniture cushions. One had a totally wooden frame, some of which my friend took to make room screens out of, some of which will be turned into furniture or burned. The other had some wood and metal. I also took apart the older of the two mattresses, which had a surprising amount of recoverable material. I saved some of the cloth and foam again for cushions, only tossing the cloth from one side that was pretty abused. There was thick padding inside made of fairly raw cotton batting – hulls, unbleached and all. That went on the compost pile. Over the springs was some nylon netting that may keep moose from eating my apple trees in the winter, then the springs. Sadly, the springs really are in good shape, and should be reused in a new mattress, but will be recycled instead. It’s ok. So I’m feeling a bit better about the stuff – no dump trips yet.
I really want to see the movie Garbage Dreams. Wonder if it will come here…


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