Finally, a picture of the finished bathroom!

unit2_bath As I have filled our old unit, unit 2, with a renter, the bathroom is to all intents and purposes done. I do need to go in and redo a bit of tub caulking, and put some plywood over a hole in the closet, but D. and S., super-nice people that they are, put up the trim a week or so ago. The top trim, though stock from that big box store not as bad as the other (though they are all the same), is lovely – a pretty blond wood with leaves on it. No, you are not mistaken, it isn’t visible in this picture. The wall design near the mirror includes some used glass beads and metal buttons from D., and a repurposed bike chainring.

So, to sum up – stretched over many months, but really only about a week’s worth of efforts:
-new underlayment (plywood and backerboard)
-second-hand Italian porcelain tile on floor
-new, ultra low flush toilet
-used wall mounted sink
-repair and paint (second-hand) on ceiling and walls
-remove medicine cabinet – replace with wall mirror (for improved sound-insulation from next unit)
-wall mosaic/design
-new wood trim (hemlock near floor; pine w/leaf design at ceiling – both sealed)

Bella! Wish our new bath looked as good as this one! A project for later – after I figure out how to finance putting 4″ of foam-board over the whole outside of the 4-plex!


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