Snow is a good look on you


It finally snowed! Well, last Sunday – I’m behind on posting, and I wanted a picture to show you. The one above was snapped just this morning, so it was still pretty dark – but you get the idea…everything is so much prettier! No more piles of bare dirt and cement! I heaved a great internal sigh of relief, somewhat unexpectedly. I wasn’t sitting around wishing it would hurry up and snow already, but now that it has, it is time to rest. The yard is done for the season, tucked up in bed. The trees I ordered arrived last Friday and got planted on Saturday, and now are snug up for the winter as well (and I did, in the end, get my Adirondack (improved manchurian) apricot, though not any Russian Olives).


5 responses to “Snow is a good look on you

  1. Nice flags!

  2. Does anyone in AK design roofs that intentionally use the fluffy white stuff as an external insulation I wonder? I know when I was living in my van in Boulder it was definitely a lot warmer with snow on top!

  3. I don’t know if anyone uses it intentionally. Most roofs here are asphalt shingle and less steeply pitched than mine, so many retain snow. Mine is metal and steep, so not so much. Better for rain water collection in the summer though!
    And I didn’t know you once owned a motorized vehicle!

  4. Very nice flags, btw.

  5. I did, I did. It was art, and it took the place of paying rent. Even worse, I once owned a truck. Mostly, it was uninsured and unregistered and sitting in the driveway, until we used to to go to Baja with kayaks.

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