Monthly Archives: December 2009

Winter surfing

We have been getting lots of snow, although we are having some melty above-freezing weather. But it is nice and dark and relatively quiet and I can settle back and read and dream of spring. I got some beekeeping books from the library, as well as ‘The Heart of Dryness‘ and some books on wooden/traditional bow and arrow making. Here are some web pages I have been checking out too:

One of the many pages I’ve found mentioning overwintering bees in Alaska. I’m trying to join this guys yahoo group so I can learn more.

The Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association – They have spring classes on beekeeping, etc.

Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association – lots of good info, and a great apple grafting workshop every spring!

My standard favorite out of state nursery – St. Lawrence Nurseries

Raintree nursery – I also just found these guys, and they seem to have some cool stuff including improved Mountain Ashes from Russia and a Mountain Ash/ Pear cross!

Burnt Ridge Nursery is another pacific NW nursery that I have not ordered from yet.

These two cargo bike links come in from a fellow BCA-er who actually has an extracycle – thanks Damian!