Bike to Work Day – everyday…

One of the best things about this blog for me is the log of past years it gives me. I can look back when I am feeling unproductive and stuck and see all the things I have accomplished over the past year. I can get an idea of when I planted a tree. I can check out my posts in May and see that all of last May was sunny and warm, with no rain, clouds, or wind until Bike to Work Day last May 16th, when it rained the whole day, before getting nice again. This May has been generally cloudy, windy, a bit sprinkly, and cold because of the wind. We have had a few nice days, luckily mostly on weekends, and today is one of them. Tomorrow, Bike to Work Day this year, is forecast to be lovely as well (although it was predicted to be nice last year too, before it decided to be very wet).

So get on your bike and enjoy it! Take the trails if you can (always nice to avoid the cars, even if you go a little out of your way), and BCA will have quite a number of free coffee and treat stations set up, including one with bacon (?!) from the Spenard Roadhouse…check out their website (link on the side) for more info. I’m providing Bear Tooth pizza and beer to bikers at my place.

Lastly in biking news, I think my boy is ready to ditch the trail-a-bike soon. The thing is getting pretty heavy, and is geared wrong for him to help much with the peddling. He is pretty fast on his old, clunky, heavy, too small 16″ kids bike, so if I can find him a little more streamlined 18-20″ one that he fits (still single speed – lets not rush the distraction of gears!) I think we can start to be co-bikers to school/camp instead of mainly mama-powered! Growing up is a wonderful thing.


One response to “Bike to Work Day – everyday…

  1. And it is a beautiful bike to work day!!! Happy riding!

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