The world is full of everything we need. As a rationalist I often deny a benevolence to the universe, but there is certainly an overwhelming benevolence to the sea of life, humanity, and unexplained synchronicities of our lives. Sure, it doesn’t always feel that way. Pain is also pervasive, even though it doesn’t subtract from the beauty – sometimes quite the opposite. Pain can be debilitating. Pain can make the right thing well-nigh impossible to face. We will all cause and feel pain, but we can remember that we live in a world of warm, comforting, freeing abundance. There are an abundance of people to love us and to love – friends, lovers, family. Maybe not all at once, but if we are open to it they are there. There are many ways to bond with others – covalently in strong bonds that can make some amazing new whole, but can also cause pain in the rigidity of the bond or in the breaking. Metallically, some parts of our lives are spent in a general sea of love and help, washing past, in constant flux but not changing the whole. Some connections are more singular – vague and van der waalish or stronger and ionic, but sweet and dissolvable. Life is not easy. Sometimes the struggle for right is not worth it yet. Sometimes we must deny the abundance for a bit – rest in a winter of our own making (conscious or not). But just take your finger from the dike when you are ready and release the flow. There is no stopping the flow, like there is no way to stop the green growth in summer. They will appear – resources you need, people to help you with the grand fight, supporters and compatriots, lovers and friends. You can’t always choose them precisely, or predict the direction of the flow, but trust that it will be right.


One response to “Abundance

  1. Dallas Wildeve

    wise woman you are!!!

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