Music and the virgin pear birth

I have had some time on my hands and some things on my mind lately. I’m not sure why I have any extra time, except that it is summer, and sleep is an after thought. I still have my boy to take care of, my job to do, my garden to tend, projects to manage and causes to forward. I have been spending a huge amount of time talking to old and new friends, and that makes me happy. I also am reminding myself to spend time with myself. I have been losing myself for calm morning hours in the garden, watering, checking up, planting and unplanting. I have discovered that my pear tree seems to be producing a pear, despite the lack of nearby pollinators (see a recent post on frustrated pear sex). I am guessing that a tryst with a mountain ash or a freak self-pollination may be to blame. I will follow its gestation with interest. Cherries, saskatoons, apples, currants and others are all developing young fruit as well. I look forward to sharing with my friends, and I really look forward to the days of over-abundance where I am foisting fruit on neighbors!

I am also attempting to follow through on my desire to create more music in my life. I grew up convinced that I couldn’t sing and, while I could read music and make my fingers sit in about the right place on my viola, couldn’t hear. Whatever. Doesn’t mean I can’t practice and enjoy. I joined the adult choir at my son’s school last year, and while I didn’t always feel on, there were moments of pure transcendence. I also took my viola out of its case recently. I tried to tune it without an electronic tuner, and figured I was close enough to practice. Then my young fiddling friend came over (he has been busking at the downtown saturday market and I have been requested as occasional harmony) and he brought a tuner. Magically, I was almost right on! Only the D string a little too sharp. I need to work on memorization, and I may never be able to pick out tunes on my own, but give me the sheet music and I can get it there. We practiced a couple of tunes and played for each other and it was excellent. I need to work on my parts, but we are going to have fun, and I will be diligent in my practice, as you are my witness! And I warn you, if you come over I will probably play for you!


5 responses to “Music and the virgin pear birth

  1. Not surprised you can carry a tune or tune a viola – you are your mothers daughter – and she has talent. And I was so afraid you were following my side. . .

  2. I am, beautifully, both my parents’ child! Don’t forget I can plumb a faucet and tile a floor too πŸ™‚ My faults, of course, I only blame on myself.

  3. There is a band here in town that you should track down and join (in all your free time). It is a bunch of otherwise professionals and a whole bunch of members, of which only a handful can show up at any time. Somehow I was invited to join and I haven’t played my trumpet in 15 years! (I don’t even have it in AK with me). Me, tho, not joining. You, maybe give it a try!

  4. Kevin Cassity

    Laurie may be thinking of the Bowheads … a friendly, fun, welcoming bunch of musicians … who would welcome another viola I’m sure.

  5. I’m starting out in a band of my friends called ‘the bad string band’. If I progress, maybe I’ll track down the Bowheads πŸ™‚ So far I have no clue how to play with other people, but I’m learning!

    In another update, sadly the pear baby didn’t make it. It was looking promising, but then the stem got weak and it fell off. Oh well…next year!

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