Come celebrate 2 years of Ecoplexiness!

I would like to invite everyone to help me celebrate two exciting years of the Spenard Ecoplex this Saturday, Sept. 25! It’s been a very busy time, as anyone who occasionally peruses this blog knows, with big whole-building insulating projects, massive tree and garden planting, repairs, upgrades, learning how to live in the ecoplex, and plenty of soul searching. Although the true anniversary is mid-october, now is a great time to celebrate – the garden is in full swing, flowers are blooming everywhere and hopefully frost will hold off long enough for me to bring in all the lettuce for the salad!

Yesterday, lying in the sun in the ecoplex garden!

There will be two components to the celebration – come early (as early as noon if you wish) to join in a work party with refreshments (cold or hot depending on the weather) and snacks. Tasks might include light cleaning up of the yard, veggie harvest (take some home with you!), spreading wood chip mulch, stucco application on the foundation, putting up some trim on the house, etc.

Dinner will be served at 5pm, and will consist of at least: garden fresh salad, roasted root veggies, kale nachos, and bbq salmon with rhubarb cobbler for dessert. No need to bring anything, but if you must, drinks are ok 🙂 There is no requirement to join the work party first, please come celebrate regardless!!

Bring appropriate clothing to be comfortable outside – I have a pop-up tent/canopy and a firepit to ward off light rain and chill. If the weather really sucks we will be inside. Please RSVP to katmainomad at gmail dot com by friday so I can get a head count for dinner, but feel free to bring family, friends, etc.

This is your opportunity to visit the ecoplex, see what’s up, put in some work to a good cause (well, it’s not like I’m a non-profit or anything, but lets just say that I might as well be so far :), and help me make sure the garden doesn’t become frozen compost!

Hope your fall is going well and hope to see you all there!

Osh riding his OWN bike to school for the first time today!


One response to “Come celebrate 2 years of Ecoplexiness!

  1. Hey there, just read your entry so I missed your shindig! Your place is looking fantastic; I love that green color–it is very inviting.

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