Utility bills past and present

This month’s total for water/sewer, trash, gas, and electricity = $409.55.
Last year, same month = $535.45.
Two years ago, same month = $735.37.

Living in a comfortable, snug, warm, efficient, and happy (if not mess-free) home = priceless. (yah, I’ve overused this phrase. No less true.)

Happy Solstice! It may get colder, but it only gets lighter from here on.


3 responses to “Utility bills past and present

  1. I love your success story. And the fact that the days are now getting longer.

  2. WOW! That’s impressive. I’m sure the rates didn’t decrease over that time either.

  3. I love the sentiment AND the results. I’m so much closer now to convincing Mr. Republican Rich that being green CAN save you money…
    Thank you! (And Happy Holidays! I hope you’re doing well.)

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